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Master gardeners offer tips for growing tomatoes

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Courtney Johnson

There’s no fruit or vegetable in the summer garden that can bring as much joy or heartache as the humble tomato. How many gardeners have spent their time nurturing tomato plants only to have their efforts rewarded with small fruits or hardly any at all? Growing tomatoes in the home garden can be a lesson in patience and disappointed expectations. But all is not lost!

Even if your efforts to grow tomatoes have been upset by disease, drought, or just bad growing techniques, this is a new garden season! And to help you along with having a successful tomato harvest this summer, some of the local Lenoir County Master Gardeners have offered up their tips and suggestions for growing tomatoes at home from planting all the way to harvest.

Why grow tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a southern garden favorite in the late spring and summer. They are an essential component in the classic tomato sandwich (or BLT if you prefer), and nothing tastes like summer quite like a fresh, ripe tomato. Not only are they delicious, but tomatoes are also so, so good for you. One tomato will give you 20% of your daily requirement of vitamin A and 28% of your vitamin C as well as a good dose of potassium.

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