Macho Fern


Common Name
Macho Fern
Botanical Name
Nephrolepis biserrata
Hardiness Zone
  1. Zone 9a
  2. Zone 9b
  3. Zone 10a
  4. Zone 10b
  5. Zone 11a
Shade with Light Sun
Water Requirements
  1. Moderate to High
  1. Evergreen
4' to 6'
  • Gorgeous Large Foliage
  • Deep Green Color
  • Fast Growing
  • Not Fussy But Responds to Extra Care
  • Garden Thug Will Overpower Other Plants
  • Spreads Fast, Must Be Kept Under Control
  • Can Look Unkempt
The Macho Fern is one of the best ferns to grow in the zones where it won't freeze. Just be careful with it as like most ferns it doesn't respect the space of other plants in the garden and will quickly overrun any plants not tall enough to avoid being smothered. It will also need periodic thinning to keep it in check otherwise it will expand it's territory. Choose it's spot carefully and it will reward you with easy care and beauty. Ignore this advice and it will take over your garden before you know it.

Plant in a shady location for best appearance. It can tolerate a great deal of sun at the expense of it's beautiful green foliage. The deeper the shade the more beautiful it's appearance. However, sun will not check it's spread. Be diligent with this one.


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