Foxtail Palm

General Information

Common Name
Foxtail Palm
Botanical Name
Wodyetia bifurcata
Hardiness Zone
  1. Zone 9b
  2. Zone 10a
  3. Zone 10b
  4. Zone 11a
Full Sun
Water Requirements
  1. Moderate
  1. Evergreen
up to 30'
Leaf Type
Pinnate (Feather)
  • Dark green bushy "Foxtail" foliage
  • Self cleaning
  • Pest/disease resistant
  • Fast-grower
  • Somewhat salt tolerant
  • Do best with moderate water/ fertilizer
  • Can be "floppy". While this doesn't hurt the palm, it is unattractive
  • Produce prodigious amounts of seeds
The Foxtail Palm has become an extremely popular palm in it's range and for good reason. It is fairly easy to grow with moderate care. It's leaves fall off on their own after a minimal period of decline leaving the palm looking healthy and green. It will produce very large clusters of fruit or seeds, however they are not difficult to remove. They should be removed early as the palm will readily self-sow. Although it does not require additional watering except during periods of drought, it will look much better with some supplemental watering. The same goes for fertilization. A little care goes a long way towards growing a fine looking specimen. This palm has all but replaced the venerable Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) since it's requirements and size are almost identical with the Foxtail being a much better palm in almost every way.

Plant in rows, groups or alone for stunning effect. They are often grown as multiple trunk specimens, best used alone as a focal point. They are also one of the few palms that will provide you with a fair amount of shade. Use low growing ground cover so as not to obscure it's beautiful trunk although the base can be unsightly. Don't crowd this palm and it will reward you with an exceptional full head of bottlebrush fronds.

Highly recommended!


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