Plants generally used in masses. Commonly thought of as lower, smaller plants they can also be quite large as in the case of palms and philodendrons for example.
Big, beautiful fern for house or garden
Common Name
Macho Fern
Botanical Name
Nephrolepis biserrata
Hardiness Zone
  1. Zone 9a
  2. Zone 9b
  3. Zone 10a
  4. Zone 10b
  5. Zone 11a
Shade with Light Sun
Water Requirements
  1. Moderate to High
  1. Evergreen
  • Gorgeous Large Foliage
  • Deep Green Color
  • Fast Growing
  • Not Fussy But Responds to Extra Care
  • Garden Thug Will Overpower Other Plants
  • Spreads Fast, Must Be Kept Under Control
  • Can Look Unkempt